Duck Hunt Dog is one of three characters, along with Duck Hunt Duck and Jimbo Kern, that fight as a tandem known as Duck Hunt.


Duck Hunt Dog loves to go hunting for ducks, but one day, he encountered a duck that behaved very much like Daffy Duck, thought it was not Daffy himself. The two decided to team up and try out for Smash, but they needed a hunter. Elmer Fudd, their first choice, turned out to have a speech impediment (he pronounces Ls and Rs as Ws), so they went for Jimbo Kern, who would be an off-screen part of the team.

Entrance musicEdit

The Duck Hunt team generally enters to "Fred Bear" by Ted Nugent. That song is about a real-life hunter with that name; Nugent himself is a hunter.


Duck Hunt Dog has dissociative identity disorder. In addition to his normal personality, he has numerous other personalities that he acts out often. All of these personalities are tied into dogs in one way or another, and include dead on impressions of the persons or characters.

  • Normal - Duck Hunt Dog will often laugh at other people's misfortunes, just as he did when a player missed a duck in Duck Hunt.
  • Duane Chapman - Also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, when Duck Hunt Dog assumes this personality, he goes on the hunt for actual fugitives just like the real Duane Chapman, and even talks as if he were him, often mentioning God.
  • DMX - This rapper makes "dog sounds" in many of his songs. When Duck Hunt Dog assumes DMX's personality, he often talks of life on the streets like in the rapper's actual songs. He will often go into rap battles with Donkey Kong.
  • Snoop Dogg - Another rapper, this one literally has "dog(g)" in his name. Not only is his impression of Snoop Dogg very accurate, he puts "izzle" in many of his words.
  • Brian Griffin (Family Guy) - When assuming the personality of Brian Griffin, he will talk as if he were a novelist (as the real Brian Griffin is a novelist), and will drink lots of martinis, and often say "whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?"
  • Charlie Dog (Looney Tunes) - Under this personality, Duck Hunt Dog will have a New York accent and talk about how great of a dog he as and pressure Wario (the closest in the Smash Mansion to Porky Pig) to adopt him.
  • Scooby-Doo - When under this personality, Duck Hunt Dog will go solve mysteries with some local potheads, and also shows a fear of ghosts, to which Pac-Man, also afraid of ghosts, sympathizes (Hanna-Barbera, which created Scooby-Doo, made a Pac-Man cartoon in the early 1980s).
  • Underdog - When Duck Hunt Dog thinks he is Underdog, he will actually put on an Underdog costume and go fight crime. The results are hilarious.
  • Muttley (Wacky Races, also from Hanna-Barbera) - When Duck Hunt Dog assumes this personality, he will often hang out with the other villain Smashers, and lament on how he misses Dick Dastardly. To this end, the other villains would have Wario go along with the act and pretend to be Dastardly.
  • Mr. Peabody (The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show) - When Duck Hunt Dog assumes this personality, he is actually very smart. Clemont will go along with the gag and pretend to be Sherman as well. The two actually saw the DreamWorks Animation Mr. Peabody & Sherman movie together while role-playing as these characters.
  • Lucky (Pound Puppies [2010]) - Under this personality, he will help find stray puppies new homes, and often says "go dogs go" like the real Lucky does.

Other personalities Duck Hunt Dog has been known to assume include Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson, Huckleberry Hound, Ren, the Taco Bell chihuahua, McGruff the Crime Dog, Clifford the Big Red Dog (only under the influence of a Super Mushroom), Krypto the Superdog, and General Pepper from Star Fox 64 (to which Fox and Falco play along).

When Duck Hunt Dog is assuming one of these personalities, the other Smashers generally play along, so as to not hurt his feelings.

When he is in his normal personality, he enjoys having Ness play "red rocket" with him, something Ness first saw on South Park (which I will not explain further).

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