Kirby is the main protagonist of the video game series of the same name and a longtime resident of Dream Land, having most recently lived in Cappy Town prior to moving into the Smash Mansion.

Biography and personalityEdit

Kirby is a Star Warrior who has gone on many adventures. He has the personality of a young child, and possibly is one. The only word he can say outside a fight is "poyo", as revealed when he first got his own television series. Whenever he was not on an adventure, he was living in Cappy Town, often hanging with Tiff and Tuff, who often come watch him fight in SSB.

Kirby has a ravenous appetite, and a bottomless stomach, capable of eating just about anything. But when eating Superspicy Curry, he shoots fireballs out his mouth rapidly for a few seconds. This happens to any character who eats the curry. During an episode of his TV series it was revealed that the curry was an invention of Chef Kawasaki. It was initially mistaken for Kirby's Fire ability (which is actually very different), but nonetheless, the curry did lead to King Dedede's restaurant burning down.

Kirby can inhale any other opponent and use their standard special attack.

Entrance musicEdit

Kirby will usually enter to either "Pink" by Aerosmith (a song that refers to his color), or "Feed My Frankenstein" by Alice Cooper (in reference to his love for food).


King DededeEdit

Dedede has appeared in almost all of Kirby's own games, usually as a boss, and was also responsible (along with Escargoon) for ordering the monsters from Nightmare Enterprises that caused trouble in Cappy Town. Kirby was often tasked with defeating these Monsters. Since Dedede moved into the Smash Mansion, the only antagonistic relationship between the two seems to be Kirby often stealing food from Dedede (as he does from other Smashers).

Meta KnightEdit

Meta Knight is a Star Warrior much like Kirby, but much older. He has a Mexican father, as he has a Mexican accent and celebrates Mexican holidays regularly. Meta Knight's relationship with Kirby is very complex, and so it is hard to explain. He has helped Kirby on numerous occasions though.

Tiff and TuffEdit

Tiff and Tuff were Kirby's best friends from when he lived in Cappy Town. He still regularly keeps contact with them, and they often attend his fights, cheering him on. Tiff and Tuff (Tiff especially) were very protective of Kirby, and were often by his side when he was up against one of N.M.E.'s monsters

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