Lucas was one of several former Smashers that moved out of the Smash Mansion on September 13, 2014, as he decided to retire from Super Smash Bros., leaving Ness as the only representative of his series.

However, Lucas announced on April 1, 2014 that he will return to Smash in June of 2015 on an unspecified date.


Lucas was not an average teenager. He was capable of various psychic powers. He was one of several children to stop an evil person named Porky from taking over the world, but he lost his twin brother, Claus, in the process.

He joined Super Smash Bros. in 2008 as a distraction to forget the events of Mother 3. He became best friends with Ness, who was from the same series and had similar abilities.

Eventually, Lucas grew weary of all the attention he was receiving, and so decided to retire to live a normal life. He and his surviving family members currently live in Houston, Texas, where Lucas is currently attending Carnegie Vanguard High School as a freshman, one of the most exclusive public high schools in the United States. Lucas plans on attending a college that is in the Pacific-12 Conference after high school.

Things did not go as planned for Lucas. He found out the hard way that there was no escaping from your fame, as many others at his school recognized him and asked him for autographs. Also, his psychic powers got him into trouble on a few occasions.

Because of all this, Lucas has announced a return to Smash. Ness cannot wait to introduce him and Mewtwo to each other.

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