MTV is a cable television network that was the first to be dedicated to airing music videos when it launched in 1981.

During the 1990s MTV added many reality programs, popularizing the genre. One of these series was The Real World, which took several strangers and put them under one roof. This series was the inspiration for The Real Smash Bros., which in the universe of the fanfic, is depicted is actually airing on MTV.

MTV was launched by a joint venture of the Warner Bros. film studio and the American Express credit card company, which owned several other cable channels at that time. In 1985, these channels were sold to Viacom, which, albeit in two different incarnations, has owned the channels ever since. The original Viacom owned MTV and its sister channels, then known as MTV Networks, until January 1, 2006, when they became part of a new company assuming the Viacom name after the older company became CBS Corporation. Viacom's cable channels are now organized as Viacom Media Networks.

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