Ness is a male teenager from Eagleland, a country that models itself on the United States of America (specifically the state of California).

Biography and personalityEdit

He is a psychic, in several senses of the word. Not only does he have the ability to use PSI attacks, he can predict future events with tremendous accuracy.

In 1995, aliens invaded Eagleland and Ness, a resident of Onett (which models itself on Sacramento), teamed up with three of his friends, to expel the alien threat, Gigyas, who had brought hatred upon the world and turned everything (almost) into malicious creatures.

After defeating Gigyas, Ness resumed his normal life, and was planning on moving to Fourside (in the original EarthBound game, based on New York City, but I liken it more to Los Angeles) to start a movie career when he grew up. But in 1999, this all changed when he was one of 12 Nintendo characters to receive an invitation to perhaps what would become the most popular sporting event outside the big five team sports.

He joined Smash as one of the Original 12 and has been a part of it since the beginning. Outside the ring, he tends to make friends with other child Smashers; his best friend is Lucas, who participated from 2008-14 but retired to live a normal life.

When Pichu Big (billed as Pichu) was a Smasher, Ness was the primary babysitter/caretaker for him, earning extra money for his efforts.

Ness is a fan of TV shows and movies that have psychics as central characters, especially Medium. He has watched all episodes of Medium, usually watching with fellow psychics Mewtwo or Lucas.

Entrance musicEdit

When Smash decided to go for a more "hardcore" audience in conjunction with the release of the T-rated Melee in 2001, Ness adopted "Youth Gone Wild" by Skid Row as his entrance theme. In recent years, he occasionally entered to the Asking Alexandria cover, but with the release of the 3DS and Wii U games, Asking Alexandria's version has become his primary entrance music, with the original Skid Row version being used occasionally.



Ness was the only non-villain Smasher that Mewtwo frequently hung out with, the two having sort of a "Wreck-it-Ralph"-like relationship (in the case of Mewtwo, he was a villain only in a movie adaptation of one of his games). Ness and Mewtwo kept contact occasionally after Mewtwo, a psychic like Ness, retired. Mewtwo, after years of therapy, recently announced a return to Smash in spring 2015, and Mewtwo will no longer hang with the other villains, feeling he has outgrown them, much to Ness' delight.


Of all the child Smashers ever to compete, Lucas was the closest friend Ness ever had. The two came from similar backgrounds (and the same game series), and often were paired with each other in team battles. Lucas has since retired to a normal life but the two maintain contact with each other.

Young Link and Toon LinkEdit

Ness and Young Link were also good friends, as Young Link was the younger incarnation of Link from Ocarina of Time. After adult Link changed his form to that of the one from Twilight Princess, Young Link was replaced with Toon Link, which Ness thought was a suitable replacement for Young Link. Toon Link often calls on Ness to explain sexual slang that he overhears, like when he once overheard Peach talking to Mario about giving him an "old-fashioned".

Pichu (Pichu Big)Edit

When Pichu Big (billed as Pichu) was in Smash, Ness was tasked to take care of him outside battle. Ness grew very close with him as a result, and the money earned from babysitting Pichu Big was quite substantial. Nevertheless, not many took kindly to a mere baby being part of Smash, so Pichu Big left in 2008 to focus on adventuring with his little brother and their friends.

Ice ClimbersEdit

The Ice Climbers were around 10-12 years old when they joined Smash, and Ness became friends with them instantly. Ness understood the Climbers' love for Winter and Christmas more than any other Smasher, so that when they left to become Ice Pokemon Trainers in 2014, they would start spending the holidays at the Snowpoint Gym, but Ness would still get the Climbers a Christmas gift every year; this year it will be the Diamond Anniversary Edition DVD of the movie White Christmas (a movie made by Paramount Pictures, whose parent, Viacom, also owns MTV, which features prominently in this fanfic).


The Villager are rather quirky for child Smashers. Coming in male and female varieties, they use items from the Animal Crossing games as weapons. Ness is warming up to them, because he feels that he cannot be friends with the only other new child Smasher, Bowser Jr., for he is a villain.

Duck Hunt DogEdit

Ness usually hangs with the Duck Hunt Dog only to play "red rocket" - a "game" he learned from South Park - with him.

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